Biznasty: "You have obtained Material (Sinful Brew)."
Shepsmeister: yummy satan juice
Vescrit: fresh from satan himself
Betelgeuse: smoke weed hail satan
Shepsmeister: hail gay satan
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Broken: Okay so Fruits is on his mystic and I'm on warrior. He uses vow near me while I'm still and it misses.
Broken: Fruits: WAT
Broken: Fruits: I aimed right at you and you weren't moving.
Broken: Shenny: You have to be right on my ass.
Broken: Fruits: Spell to ass distance was not that big...
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[Party][Hypherus] : I don't think Brb can be applied within the therm of like... 20 minutes
[Party][Fruits] : the analogy would be
[Party][Fruits] : they asked to go put a turtle back in its cage
[Party][Fruits] : but i had to hunt a wooly mammoth, mcgyver up a machien to flash freeze it and ship it to science
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Mizu wrote this when high on medicine

oh my god the things ambiens does to me is retarded, i WANT to have control over what im saying or typing but its like the things im writing right now are diagonal, slightly diagonal, and i cant remember what i said like 3 words back so when i try to make a point about something actually i just got way too distratected to remember something, but me with two bigger better parts of my brain stuff swear we all just heard a bird, and it’s like pitch black out right now and i think when i was going to write it was raining, it was still raining, but it stopped now.

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[Guild][Trollop] : Kre hasn't played with a mystic yet, I don't think.
[Guild][Kelgis] : grab spock's balls.
[Guild][Krevis] : I'd rather not
[Guild][Trollop] : You'll want to.
[Guild][Mr.Spock] : They are blue and full of calm logic.
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[Guild][Diert] : Our healer just went offline.
[Guild][Diert] : Dafuq.
[Guild][Shenny] : Fruits does that a lot <_<
[Guild][Fruits] : hey I'm on com-gimmeyomoneyoryourpinggetsit-casat
[Guild][Fruits] : the first modern mafia business model of our age.
[Guild][Fruits] : last week, they mailed me a severed packet in a box.
[Guild][Fruits] : it wasn't pretty...
[Guild][Fruits] : came from a poor mp3 that'll never sound right.
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Mizu logged in.
[Guild][Fruits] : Hi Mizu!
[Guild][Fruits] : We need a rapper name for mizu as well.
[Guild][Fruits] : MZ-izzy?
[Guild][Twizzly] : i like it
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[Guild][Twizzly] : my gecko is already kind of golden
[Guild][Fruits] : Well hydraulically lower him next.
[Guild][Fruits] : So your gecko can go "bzzzzzz! bzzz! pscchhh...."
[Guild][Fruits] : and his rims would spin...
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Twizzly logged in.
[Guild][Fruits] : What up, T-Wizzly!
[Guild][Fruits] : How be da bizneez in da hood, yo?
[Guild][Twizzly] : why you be talkin to me like negros do round here yo
[Guild][Fruits] : still capping foos? gold-plated yo gecko yet?
[Guild][Fruits] : because your name is totally a rapper name!
[Guild][Fruits] : seriously, you two are the "biznasty and T-wizzle featuring DJ fruits"
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[Guild][Sileno] : damn, it's getting late and I need to get laundry started
[Guild][Obscure] : Show that laundry who's boss.
[Guild][Sileno] : That washer has no idea what's coming
[Guild][Obscure] : It'll be all relaxed and shit.
[Guild][Obscure] : Then BAM.
[Guild][Obscure] : You are choking it with dirty undies.
[Guild][Obscure] : That'll teach it.
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